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The Paranoid's Guide's content ranges from the absurd to the tragic, producing a kaleidoscopic examination and representation of post-consumer society. While many of the topics may seem familiar: the news, history, and contemporary culture, the Guide brings to light unexpected connections and interpretations.

Topics Include:

Deprogramming Tom Cruise
Americans can't get enough details about the lives of celebrities, and their quest for "self-improvement" appears infinite. In fact, these pursuits are often strongly linked in our "aspirational society."

Inside the Entertainment-Industrial Complex
Eisenhower cautioned us against the military one; if only Orson Welles had warned us about this vastly more insidious assemblage.

The American Revolution?
How the British government may have viewed the colonial struggle for independence and the alternative views of the founding fathers.

Life in 2050
A suspicious look back at the history of the first half of the 21st century.

James Bond and the War on Terror
SMARSH, CTU, Blofeld, Osama: the public's concepts of the dangers of terrorism and how to fight it have been strongly shaped by the life of the man with "a license to kill."

Consumer Society Made Easy
Ten thousand years of human development have at last produced the combination bagel toaster & egg poacher (take that, Angkor Wat and Sphinx!). The final victory of planned obsolescence?

Burning Bushes, Golden Tablets, Monsters, & Other Oddities
An inquiry into the phenomenon of theophany.

Got War?
A brief history and examination of war's role in the darker side of human history and as a social force beyond the battlefield.

Why History Hurts
Myths, legends, history - the stories we choose to tell ourselves, and why.

Upocalypse or the Upside of the Apocalypse
Less smoking and overeating, better opportunities for insect society, the death of Cassandra—the end of the world might have some good points to it.

Read my Lips and Other Great Lies of the 20th Century
This concise survey of famous untruths takes a spinless look at some of the past century's most influential leaders.

Available Research Papers

The American Revolution?


20th Century Post-Mortem

Schizophrenia & Its Neurological Connections

The Birth of Uncle Sam