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About the Institute

    The Integrated Research Consortium (INRECO) is a nonpartisan think tank that seeks projects and lines of investigation that breach the boundaries separating the arguably once connected intellectual and artistic disciplines. INRECO's core philosophy might be described by the phrase, "By any means possible."

    INRECO's findings, created by a unique mix of social/material scientists and artists is presented as a multilayered performance that engages at the rational and concrete as well as the nonlinear and unconscious levels.

    The conventional liberal arts, fine arts, and craft tradition were the jumping off points for the creation of the modern western intellectual paradigm. Early philosophies and mythological systems, of all cultures, created the possibility of physical, spiritual and aesthetic unity as a transcendent experience. The specialization of the material sciences, which began as the speculative field "natural philosophy," and the transformation of philosophy/theology into the current Humanities and Science disciplines, has created vast stores of information, research and knowledge; but, the separate branches have lost the ability to consistently and effectively inform one another.

    It is this gap that gave rise to INRECO. Much like the agencies established in the wake of Sputnik, INRECO has pulled experts from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds for a wide-ranging multidisciplinary cultural analysis. The intended result is to create a system of knowledge production and consumption geared to the post-industrial age.
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